Your dog is an important member of the family. Keep all your furry friend's important info on a QR code embedded into our 3D-printed dog tags.

Taking a video call or need something to prop up your phone to watch YouTube videos? Check out our unique phone holders.

Meet the Pellmans

In the Pellman family, 3D printing is a family affair. What began with Willow and Eden Pellman creating ear guards for healthcare workers (with the help of their parents) has evolved into a product line of custom printed creations. From dog tags to phone holders, Pellman Printing Pals has family essentials and unique gifts created specifically for you.

How do you print these unique items?

The Pellmans operate two 3D printers in their global headquarters (aka their garage) to create the custom items you can order through this website. Here's a quick rundown of how 3D printing works.

How can I order a custom creation?

Learn about each of our current products here (dog tags) and here (phone holders) on their information pages. If you're ready to order, complete the form linked on those pages to provide us the information we need to fulfill your request. You'll be invoiced via PayPal after submitting the order form for payment.

I have a few questions. Who do I contact?

You can send a message to with any questions or special requests.