Dog Tags

Created with your furry friend in mind.

Our custom dog tags have a personalized QR code with all the information someone would need to return your dog home safely. To ensure safe return of your pet, the QR code will contain up to two contact numbers and Google Maps to your home and veterinarian. If your information needs to be updated later, contact us and we would be glad to help.

Our custom tags are able to print up to 10 characters with earth-friendly plastics. Two sizes are available for small and large dogs. Small dog tags are round where large tags are heart-shaped.

Each tag is only $17.00 with shipping included. Be sure to read below about "Giving Back".

Giving Back

20% of each purchase from our custom dog tags will be donated to Laber of Love Pet Rescue.

The mission of Laber of Love is "to provide hospice care to older pets or those with untreatable medical conditions that find themselves without a family; to allow these pets to live out the remainder of their lives with love, dignity, and comfort by providing a safe home."

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram to see amazing stories of care and love!